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newest style leather watch case

Published:2014-03-22 writer: source: view count479
  Core Tip: Product specificationLeather case:1. 9.8 x9.8 x8.1 cm2. Leather cover and lining3. The client may identify4. Good qualit

 Product specification

Leather case:

1. 9.8 x9.8 x8.1 cm

2. Leather cover and lining

3. The client may identify

4. Good quality and price

Details of the leather watch box:

1. Product number: THT594

2. Size: 9.8 X9.8 X8.1 CM

3. Main material: leather cover and liner, plastic moulds

4. Other: different design, shape, size, logo are available, OEM, ODM services are acceptable

5. Notes: factory direct sales, we have branch offices in Hong Kong and dubai. If it is easy to you, welcome to visit branch anytime and anywhere.

6. Cooperative clients: citizens, DAMAS, SIEKO, Oriental, ARCHI and ROMANSON is our cooperation of customers. The quality of our products in the packaging line established a good reputation.

7. com pany motto: credibility is life, quality is fundamental. We hope to establish long-term cooperative relations in the with customers.

8. In addition to the above, we have other ways, such as earrings box, necklace box, pendant box, ring box, box, bracelet bracelet boxes, gift boxes, cufflinks box, tie boxes, wine boxes, etc. If you have your design of the original samples, please send to us, we can do the similar samples to you.

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