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Offer Gold bars and Gold Nuggets 22ct for sell

Published:2016-04-04 writer: source: view count32
  Core Tip: PRODUCT.........GOLD BARS/Au DUST QUANTITY....... 150 KG PLUS PURITY..........92%+ {Non-refined} QUALITY.........23+ Karat. PRICE...........27,000 USD ORIGIN..........Ghana

We are dealers on Gold alloy bars,Gemstones,Gold Nuggets/ Bars/Ingots, Presently We we have Gold Bars, Gold Nuggets, Au Gold Dust and Uncut Diamonds for sell, We are looking for a buyer, We have above 2250kgs, 22+ Carat, Purity 93%+ and selling at US$ 000,00 per Kilo (negotiable).. Whereas you show interest in this line of business or to buy, Call us on our direct phone numbers,  octragmetalminers@gmail.com.tell 00233578723975 for more Info.


Keywords: Mineral Metals, Gold bars

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