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Sunjie Washing function overview

Published:2015-03-21 writer: source: view count702
  Core Tip: Washing function overview

     1,Avoid wiping function; Car wash without scratches, washing liquid without artificial sponge body contact, does not hurt the car paint; The mainstream car wash ways in the future.
     2,Auto chassis function; Touch screen can be set normally open or to open.
     3,Emergency system; In the washing machine in the case of the failure of photoelectric system, fast clean washing machine can finish washing process under the emergency procedures, not to wash the car stalled.
     4,Memory system; Refers to the vehicles in the car wash, car wash machine 360 degrees around a week to spray washing liquid to wipe, free car wash liquid spraying is completed. (that is, machinery vehicles around the first circle). Machine as the clean vehicle has been located, the water washing operation of the machine will be in accordance with the foam trajectory to flush.
     5,Self-checking system; Machine system will automatically detect the machine after each on every part of the electrical components and photovoltaic systems, such as defective, will be the first time to our work station shown above, every 10 car washing machine will self-check once inside, the user time holds the running status of the machine.
     6,Intelligent sensor system; Mean no matter how to park the car We will to .                   7,intelligent CNC machine photoelectric induction, regardless of the size of the car, whether how to park, the machine always can keep within 20 centimeters, and body to body to carry on the comprehensive measurement and control, can automatically identify the rules of vehicles, can automatically identify the body tilted park without owner shift.
   8,Photoelectric simulation function; When the car washer in spray washing fluid flow, PLC to memories of washing liquid spraying trajectory, in order to make sure the next flush process, is not affected by water mist electro-optical jamming.
Radar positioning function; In the process of equipment cleaning vehicles, to locate the position of the vehicle detection spray rod and the distance between the car body to achieve precise cleaning!
     9,The tilt function; Second, in the first protection malfunction or not timely after start-up, spray rod, at the moment of contact body spray rod can produce slight tilt, the system will detect and and enter the suspended state, touch screen to confirm safety please click reset.
    10,Anti-collision function; First, in the spray rod not timely retreated from body or body system identification lance distance too close (normal spray rod away from the car distance to 20 cm, less anti-collision system start with 15 cm), touch screen spray rod too close, confirm safety according to reset.
    11,Surrounded by double technology; Washing liquid and water around the body for a week, no blind area, no dead Angle.

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