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Buy computer car washer matters needing attention

Published:2015-03-27 writer: source:   Sunjie technology view count633
  Core Tip: Buy computer car washer matters needing attention ,Are you still buy nokia?

    Car washer type on the market at present good and evil people mixed up, there are foreign production technology and production technology of China, have foreign parts, parts of China, washing machine also can be divided into 369 wait, low-end car washer generally price within 100000, mid-range car washer price is in commonly 10-200000, high-end car washer price is in commonly 200000 above, is also a washer, I believe many people will choose the cheapest computer car washer. But that choice is right? Professional solution for you, buy computer car washer what matters needing attention.
    Washing machine prices generally 10 to 20,For the price, the washing machine has tens of thousands of, also has hundreds of thousands of, in accordance with the generally speaking, the price of the reciprocating car washer price at around $100000, while the cost of tunnel car washer in the 18-250000, if it is slightly high point, more expensive,According to the different specifications of the washing machine, such as reciprocating car washer, tunnel car washer, bus type washing machine, without touching the car washer, according to the different specifications, typically at about 10-400000. 10-200000 is a good car wash machine, more than 200000 are high-end machines, do not covet is cheap, only some vendors to reduce costs, create a huge sales, to obtain more profits, and a large number of production of washing machine of low quality.
   40000 yuan of car washer do you dare to buy?
    Low-cost car washer, poorly equipped, who can guarantee quality, security experts for it? The government guarantee for it? If use two years to fail, so not to buy to buy a "sicko"? Spend 20000 yuan a year, but also to give him a "cure" everywhere, washing function to make money?Spend 200000 to buy a better car washer, in 20 years, an average of 10000 yuan a year, and this 20 years washing function to you many benefits, if you no serious problem, make a few million is not a problem. If you do big, opened into the chain, every car washing machine decades service for you, that this more than 10, two hundred thousand, or problems? If you buy a bunch of "sicko" today to repair the machine, repair it tomorrow, after that, it can make money?It's and counterfeit machine the same as the difference between authentic car washer. How many people want to buy a shanzhai phones to do business.
    Depends on the quality and to see whether the technology。
    Germany's auto manufacturing technology, global are numbered, Benz, BMW is n around the world. The washing technology is a world-class, DS washing machine has introduced the German most advanced washing technology, DS can't say it's the best quality car washer, is domestic has the highest car washer technology manufacturers,Because a DS has relatively cheap car washer, if take the cheapest car washer with somebody else, compared to the most expensive car washer is can't, but the use of technology can be horizontal and longitudinal comparison. Just like the difference between apple and nokia, nokia's quality is very good, and some are unbreakable and some flooding also no problem, but the use of technology is to be eliminated, you still buy nokia?

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