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Mosquito Fogging: When & Where to Fog?

Published:2015-09-23 writer:  Alain Zhang source: view count68
  Core Tip: Mosquitoes are frequently in the news today, as they are both anuisance and a health threat. Lots of people started to l

Mosquitoes are frequently in the news today, as they are both a nuisance and a health threat. Lots of people started to look for mosquito treatment to reduce the damage to human health. It is important, because reduction of mosquito populations around your home and other living and farming areas could protect from life threatening diseases. Mosquito control has become a vital public health practice throughout the world.

The best method to Get Rid of Mosquito

The preliminary step we always mention to prevent mosquitoes are obvious – eliminate standing water, mow tall grass, check the bird bath; but, does to succeed in eliminate mosquitoes completely? Yes, sort of, but don’t get your hopes high. There are fogger machines to kill the adult mosquitoes and bring down their numbers, this is what you need to eliminate mosquitoes completely. The mechanism involves transformation of liquid insecticides in smoke and fog to directly target the mosquitoes in grass, shrubs, small trees, cookout areas, under picnic tables or other areas that need to be mosquito and insect free.

Where to Fog

The primary step before using a mosquito Fogger is to locate all areas where mosquitoes reside. Treat these areas directly to reduce mosquito population. Also, look for the dark or humid places, preferably areas near stagnant water, bushes and shrubs. Places around the home or yard such as shrubbery trees, tall grass, plants are more prone to the growth of harmful mosquitoes. Some objects around the living or farming area that can collect rainwater, such as metal cans, rubber tubes, barrels, large pits, etc give space for the birth of mosquito larva. Also, check water bodies like ponds, swamps, pools, wells and other areas. They always grow in darker and swampy space.

When is the Best Time to Fog

Mosquitoes are more active during early morning and evenings. Only some special species are mostly seen at other times of the day. Therefore, fogging preferably with truck mounted fogger, is done at those times have a high chance of killing the mosquitoes. The wind at early morning are very calm, which is the perfect condition for fogging. At evening hours, the temperature outside has lowered and temperature closer to the ground is going to be higher, so the fog is going to stay closer to ground and reach larger counts of insects for a longer time. Always keep in mind, fogging should be done at low wind conditions. Lower wind conditions prevents distribution of insecticides in uncontrolled direction and undesired areas, which could harm to insects and bugs, but also other people, children and pets.

Fogging is effective as it serves as the first blow to stop possible dengue outbreak or other health concern. However, fogging is not the only appropriate answer. Source reduction is. It needs to begin in the community. Nothing high-tech, just common sense. Keep the areas clean, dispose all items that collect water to create a space which is free from mosquito attack.

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