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Apparel Projects belongs to the Apparel Projects industry, There are many Apparel Projects Manufacturers & Suppliers for the user to choose,From any Apparel Projects Suppliers & Manufacturers search results screen, you may select many Apparel Projects product information to compare at a time. Conducting a product comparison will display the Apparel Projects information and specifications of the selected products in a side-by-side format, making it easy to identify similarities and differences between products.
Co In Garments
G. T. E Ltd main products: We are atrading co dealing in raw materials,chemicals ,minerals ,metals .We also act as export specialists for products
G. T. E Ltd     Origin:[Jordan] [Verified ] Negotiable
Sports Apparel
GLORIOUS INTERNATIONAL TRADING main products: We are the Manufacturer, Supplier Exporter, Buying Agent, Commission Agent in Bangladesh. Contact Details : Ms. Zinat R
GLORIOUS INTERNATIONAL TRADING     Origin:[Bangladesh] [Verified ] Negotiable
Italian Tailored Suits
Ad Personam s.a.s. main products: Italian Tailored Suits features description: Place of Origin: ItalyAd Personam s.a.s.'s operation include In addition,
Ad Personam s.a.s.     Origin:[Italy] [Verified ] Negotiable
Seek Apparel construction Co
Plastico Inc main products: Astico inc. Established in1987, trading in chemicals,For the detergent, toiletries,And food industries. Astico nowOperat
Plastico Inc     Origin:[United States] [Verified ] Negotiable
Joint Venture For Lear Garments
HUSSAIN LEATHER INDUSTRIES main products: Joint Venture For Lear Garments features description: in leather's operation include In addition, in leather is a profe
HUSSAIN LEATHER INDUSTRIES     Origin:[Oman] [Verified ] Negotiable
Pawla Fashions main products: Clothing features description: Place of Origin: BangladeshProduct Name: anyModel Number: naall kinds of garments: us
Pawla Fashions     Origin:[Bangladesh] [Verified ] Negotiable
Clos to order
Amarisas International Ltd. main products: Amarisas.com is a clothes factory and clothing manufacturer. We service our customers with made-to-order clothes. Our ca
Amarisas International Ltd.     Origin:[Thailand] [Verified ] Negotiable
Look For Co In Sampling & Production For Apparel
TPFTZ Aixin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. main products: InStyle Exchange has been in operation since 2002 providing high-end fashion apparel and accessories to the US and Inter
TPFTZ Aixin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.     Origin:[China (Mainland)] [Verified ] Negotiable
Apparel Textile &
ELYSIAN CO. LTD. main products: Apparel Textile & features description: Place of Origin: Ohio United StatesProduct Name: ElysiaModel Number: Private
ELYSIAN CO. LTD.     Origin:[Japan] [Verified ] Negotiable
Look For Co Of Stitching
Fantasies General Trading House main products: We buy verious Electronic products under our brand name.Look For Co Of Stitching features description: Fantasies General
Fantasies General Trading House     Origin:[India] [Verified ] Negotiable
PPHU Stampa main products: Stampa was founded in 1978. From the begining the company was connected with printing and advertising market. Through th
PPHU Stampa     Origin:[Poland] [Verified ] Negotiable
Look For Co Inspection Service
China Suppliers Direct Inc main products: We are a manufacturer and trading partner in the United States. We also provide storage and order fulfillment foe major
China Suppliers Direct Inc     Origin:[United States] [Verified ] Negotiable
Seek Joint Venture Partner For Apparel Factory
Entrepreneur Promotion & Information Centre(T) Ltd main products: Entrepreneur promotion Information Centre (T) Ltd was established in 1999 to Promote Trade Investments in Tanzania. We
Entrepreneur Promotion & Information Centre(T) Ltd     Origin:[Tanzania] [Verified ] Negotiable
Limited Edition T shirts
Galleria-T main products: Limited Edition T shirts features description: Galleria-T's operation include In addition, Galleria-T is a professional
Galleria-T     Origin:[Italy] [Verified ] Negotiable
Sweater Co & Consultancy
JUST In TIME Sourcings main products: We are apparel buying house and also sourcing agents of PC goods. We have technically sound quality controllers and merc
JUST In TIME Sourcings     Origin:[Pakistan] [Verified ] Negotiable
Joint Venture In Export import Biz In Norast USA
Loboinc main products: - Based in Massachusetts, USA.- Primarily serving the Northeastern states of MA, VT, NH, CT, NY. Other states also servi
Loboinc     Origin:[United States] [Verified ] Negotiable
chullo peru
C&C Corporation, Ltd. main products: * Empresa dedicada a la distribucion de productos* Empresa dedicada a la distribucion de productos bajo el estandar de c
C&C Corporation, Ltd.     Origin:[Thailand] [Verified ] Negotiable
fashion ladies clothing constructions
Grupo Vitalia main products: fashion ladies clothing constructions features description: Grupo Vitalia's operation include In addition, Grupo Vitali
Grupo Vitalia     Origin:[Guatemala] [Verified ] Negotiable
guzenler fertilizer ltd sti main products: T SHIRT APPAREL KNITTED ITEMS construction features description: guzenler fertilizer ltd sti's operation include In ad
guzenler fertilizer ltd sti     Origin:[Turkey] [Verified ] Negotiable
Seek Co For Garment
Nile Valley Trading Group. main products: We are a will established trading and importing company in Egypt. Our main field is in importing and distriuting canned
Nile Valley Trading Group.     Origin:[Egypt] [Verified ] Negotiable
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You can compare products by selecting the corresponding checkbox for an item on the search results screen. When all Apparel Projects desired products have been selected, click the Compare Selected button. It may take several moments to display the requested data for the selected parts. Depending on our topping service system, try our best to build up the Global leading brand with the most competitive Apparel Projects price and quality on Product sourcing and find sellers, Manufacturers & Suppliers Directory from china & worldwide on b2b Platform - manufacturer365.com.
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