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Supply Domestic All in one type heat pump,DBT-3.0l-200

  • 800.00 USD/ Unit 3.00KW
  • 2 3.00KW
  • China (Mainland)
  • 2017-04-29 [Has expired]

The product information is provided by Amy Zhang Post.

Belongs to the: Heat Pump Water Heaters
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  • Details
  • Brand Name:DIBETTER
  • Model Number:
  • Spec:
  • Price:800.00USD/3.00KW
  • Min. Order Quantity:2 3.00KW
  • Total supply:5000 3.00KW
  • Delivery Time:25days after the payment of the buyers
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
  • Expiry Date:2017-04-29 [has expired]
  • Views:33


1.Safety:water and electric separately.
       2.Simple installation:Compact design(Main unit and water tank),DIY installation is available to saving costs.
       3.Convenient:Intelligent remote controller,with simple key operation.Displays error code when having problem,easy for maintenance.
       4.Multiple protections for the whole heat pump, guaranteeing safe operation.
       5.World famous brand compressor,4-way valve,motor,PCB,heat exchanger used to ensure top quality and high efficiency.
       6. All weather operation:stable operation without being influenced by weather.
       7.metal case and stainless steel case are available,R22,R407C,R410a,R417A,R134A are for optional.
       8.metal case water tank with powder coating or stainless steel case are available.
       9.Quiet:Special design for motor and fan to decrease noise, no disturbance to owners and neighbours.

10.Automatically defrosting function included.

Technical parameter:

Rated Heating Capacity:3.0KW    Rated power input:0.93KW   COP:3.25W/W   Rated hot water capacity:75L/H   Rated operating current:3.8A   Power supply:220/50/60   Refrigerant:R22&R407C&R410a     Net weight: 82kg   Rated output water temperature: 55℃    Working ambient temperature:-7~45℃      Water tank volume:200L

Note: 1.Rated test conditions:ambient temperature DB 20℃, water inlet/outlet:15℃/55℃         2.The above designs and specifications might be changed  without prior notice for product improvement.


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