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The Aluminium Foil Slitting Machine, which was already in a daze, suddenly saw the scene that shocked him through the bamboo pieces.

A dozen of Aluminium Foil Slitting Machines filled with savage feelings, holding a sharp weapon, smashed towards themselves!

He didn’t have time to distinguish whether it was a dream or a strange experience before he died. He simply shrank his head in the subconscious and put both hands in front of him. If you switch to any ordinary person, you will probably only have such an ostrich. s Choice.

Uh... countless sounds of breaking the air!

Then there were countless voices, and then it was quiet. After a while, the Aluminium Foil Slitting Machine felt something wrong. Carefully separated the palm of your hand from the two fingers and sneaked out.

The basket made of bamboo pieces divides the space in front of the eyes into countless pieces, and through these holes, you can clearly see that there are more than a dozen dead bodies lying on the ground, ... [More Information]

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