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We are Jordanian Manufacturer Located in Amman – Jordan ,
and we have focused on manufacturing and Exporting Skin Care products Since
1995. Our Main Ingredients of our Products is Originally Obtained from the Dead
Sea in Jordan , and shipped Directly to Our Clients .

We humbly offer an inspiring range of premium High quality
organic, natural and essential personal care ingredients used in skin care,
hair care, aromatherapy, massage, spa, and Re-Formulation making Natural

Our most important objective is to sell high quality &
Pure Natural & Organic Dead Sea Products

• 100% Pure Dead
Sea Bath Salts
Granular Size -

Regular Mixed Grain - Semi Dry 0+mm

Regular Mixed Grain - Semi Dry

Regular Mixed Grains - Semi Dry
0.5+mm - Cleaned

Regular Mixed Grains - Dried 0+mm

Regular Mixed Grains - Dried 0.8+mm No

Regular Mixed High Mg 46% Dried
Bath Salts

Crystal Grains - Dried 1.5+mm

Crystal - Extra Large Grains - ... [More Information]

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