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    Our company mainly design and produce cross roller bearings, YRT turntable bearings,Harmonic reducer bearings, precision turntable bearings, harmonic reducer bearings. Size range from 20mm- to 950mm, the product accuracy level is: P5/P4/P2 level. The leading products include RB, RE, RU, RA, CRB, CRBH, XSU, SX series of cross cylindrical roller bearings, YRT, YRTS, ZKLDF, JXR/XR series of cross turntable bearing tapered roller bearings, CSF, CSG, SHF, SHG series of harmonic reducer supporting bearings, can be designed according to user needs all kinds of non-standard precision bearings. Products are mainly used in precision rotating table, machining centers, rotating tables, industrial robots, joints and rotating parts, measuring and testing equipment, medical equipment and other equipment to replace imported bearings. Part of the model stock supply, please call us. 

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