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We are an export company seaweed frozen. fresh, different .variedades seaweed Dried. Species: chicorea algae. Chamissoi Chondracanthus, nigrenscens Lessonia, Macrocystis pyrifera, Gigartina chamissoi, Gracilaria, chondruz Crispus, ulvlactuca, sea lettuce. Trabeculata Lessonia, Macrocystis integrifolia. Canaliculatus Chondrus. Trabeculata Lessonia. suginori. Beni. Shiro. Midori. Tenellus Chondracanthus. Tenella Gigartina. .seamoss.yuyo.mococho.chicoria moss. .chicory irlanda.sargassum moss. codium.seacucumber. patallus mollis.sodium alginate. bseaweed brown. kelp.
We have 2 presentations available for human consumption of algae industry for use. Carrageenan Agar carragenano.carragenato.carrageen.carragenan.
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skipe: algas_marinas_chamissoi
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【Tips】: If seaweed Parameters information do not meet all your requirements . View more parameters to meet your requirements
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