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2014 Fifth China ( Beijing ) International Food Industry Exhibition fresh and refrigerated

2014 Fifth China ( Beijing ) International Food Industry Exhibition fresh and refrigerated
  • 2014-07-05 - 2014-07-07
  • Beijing
  • Beijing Chaoyang District
  • China Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center ( New Hall )
  • Beijing Ming Wah International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
  • China Cooperation and Trade Enterprises Association
  • Long-term
  • 2014-06-07
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  Exhibition advantages
※ consumption and production of the world's most promising markets :
Of the cold chain industry since the 1990s has been quickly developed , especially in the last two years after the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo cold chain catering City
Field promotion , frozen food preservation industry encountered development opportunity of epic proportions , and its market consumption characteristics highlighted. Frozen food preservation industry into a
Step industrialization ; ushered history there has never been a good opportunity . As business economic development, urban contemporary lifestyle changes ; modern right
Increasing consumer demand for frozen food preservation and diversification Cape . Advanced refrigeration and food processing technology introduced and developed ; agricultural structure adjustment
Bring rich and diverse food materials ; domestic commercial distribution and retail major development, major changes occur , so that world trade is also growing opportunity .
※ most attractive cities in Asia :
As China 's largest political and economic center , Beijing has become Asia's first major exhibition cities , held in Beijing, China Beijing International Food Preservation
And refrigeration industry exhibition, effects of radiation around the world , while Beijing is the world's top 500 enterprises in China 's stronghold , China frozen and fresh products
Distribution center , the exhibition will attract more overseas fresh food and technical equipment industry traders.
※ China at the highest level in the industry interactive platform :
IN CONJUNCTION WITH: Fifth International Fresh Food Industry Development Summit Forum at its third fresh food manufacturers and distributors Matchmaking
Fourth frozen fresh application of new technologies to promote the Second Forum refrigerated food distribution and transportation technology exchange
Invite domestic and foreign well-known enterprises CEO, industry, marketing and technical expert speakers answer for your product delivery market to provide the best solution !
※ extensive network of distributors Database:
Concerned about food fresh frozen industry equipment and technology development, and 300,000 professional production and distribution databases are exhibitors actual display results
Of effective protection.
Exhibition introduction
" China Beijing International Food Industry Exhibition fresh and refrigerated ' inception in 2010, got the support of all walks of life ; has been successfully held until the fifth , exhibition area of ​​rapid growth each year , exhibitors enthusiasm rising year after year , has been domestic and foreign enterprise technology of choice for new products and new marketing investment platform ; since its inception show the cumulative turnover of up to 200 billion yuan , professional visitors accumulated up to more than 158,000 people ; within the industry has been recognized as " Asia's largest refrigerated Exhibition . "
Previous total from abroad 47 countries and regions, 339 exhibitors participating companies , 36% of foreign direct exhibitors and 27% for foreign products in the domestic carriers, 37% for domestic exhibitors. 15,000 square meters of exhibition area , exhibited nearly one thousand kinds of high quality products at home and abroad . Nine new product investment conference , four games will be industry-related forums . More than 40,000 people in the professional traders participating procurement. 7,100,000,000 yuan / renminbi site turnover , signing companies more than 90% as much.
[ XII ] communication channels help industry event
A TV ; 2 newspaper ; 3 Association notification ; 4 trade magazines ; 5 industry website ; 6 in the same industry event publicity ; seven industry market giant advertisement ; 8 bus , subway ads ; 9 SMS notification ; 10 telephone invitation ; 11 e-mail letter inviting ; 12 key buyers to visit .
Source】 【 professional audience
○ strong reputation, with terminal sales network of distributors, agents , distributors, application providers , distribution companies and products specifically for the center.
○ chain supermarkets, hotel chains , bars , entertainment venues , restaurants , major clubs , resorts , buy business units.
○ network electricity supplier , specialized wholesale food markets , frozen chilled food chains / counters , community supermarkets, wholesale markets and other integrated products .
○ foreign buyers in China , import and export traders, more than 130 foreign embassies Department of Commerce , industry and other technicians and entrepreneurs .
○ cold chain equipment dealers, cold chain enterprises, cold chain logistics enterprises , preservation and processing enterprises , storage business unit , the relevant technical personnel and so on.
Scope of Exhibits
Food preservation: preservation , freezers , refrigerated cabinets, display cabinets , freezers accessories, freezer works , storage equipment , fresh machinery ( vacuum packaging machines and shrink packaging machines ) , storage bags , cling film , preservatives , preservation materials , storage technology and production design units ;
Refrigeration equipment : refrigeration units , cold storage, refrigerated transport, compressor, evaporator , condenser , throttle, freezer , ice machine, nitrogen machine , dryer , cooler, chiller , refrigerant, insulation board , heat exchangers, power distribution equipment , cooling towers, cryogenic freezing , differential pressure pre-cooling technology, vacuum cooling , vacuum freeze- drying technology , thermal insulation, thermal storage temperature technology , cold storage design, transformation units.
Cold : assembled cold storage , cold storage, freezer , cold storage , cold storage panels, cold storage doors , assembled cold storage accessories, temperature control equipment , ventilation systems, automatic control systems , measurement and control complete systems , management systems ( software ) , monitoring system automatic storage equipment ( shelves , forklifts, pallets, containers , etc. ) , energy-saving equipment cold storage , cold storage and other maintenance equipment .
Refrigerated transport : Refrigerated trucks, cars insulation , envelope , refrigerated transport containers, refrigerated boxes, incubators , cold packs , ice packs and other storage materials , automotive refrigeration units and parts , the third / fourth party logistics services, storage , warehouses and so on.
Related Equipment: frozen food processing and packaging equipment, freezing tunnels, testing equipment , inkjet printer , ice cream equipment.
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