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Geocell Room

Geocell Room
  • 2014-12-26 - 2016-06-23
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  • 2014-12-26
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 Geocell made of welding high tensile HDPE broad bands. It has many cells and is very flexible.
It can be divided into four types
1. smooth surface without hole
2. smooth surface with hole
3. textured surface with hole
4. textured surface without hole
 It can be replicated when transported and stretched to be filled with stones and soil when used, which can be as
cushion coat to reinforce the soft base , and also to protect the slope when laid in the slope surface.
Construction method
1.Unfolding the geogrid (Some fiber-material can be put under the geogrid according to the concrete condition,for example      geotextile and felted cushion.)
2.Fixing it with nail or connecting with the frame of stretcher;
3.Used loader to fill with filler until it is full top and beyond of the geogrid, then through vibration
and rolling, the subbase is completed
4.By now, the system of geogrid can prop up kinds of construction equipment, and that construction directly above it is accepted, together with conventional manner surface
【Tips】: If Geocell Room Parameters information do not meet all your requirements . View more parameters to meet your requirements
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