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The wonderful thing that seems to jacquard fabric stem from these small steps is that there
is a knock on effect in other areas of their lives too as one positive thing
seems to lead to another which builds greater self esteem all round very

Look at the people your child hangs around with - these are the people who
influence their lives, either positively or negatively, and who can nudge a
child off course, just a little bit at a time, until they finally say to
themselves: "Gosh, how did I end up here mattress fabric?". It is helpful to think about three
key questions: i. Who does the child spend a lot of time with (whether this is a
child or an adult)? ii. What are these associations doing to or for the child? -
what have these people got the child doing, listening to, reading, thinking and
feeling? iii. Is this OK? once answered, it is then the time to decide whether
these people are a positive and energising influence, or have a negative and
downward-spira... [More Information]

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