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We are Gap Agriculture
Joint Stock Company , our company established in 2009 and was a distributor of
high-grade organic Fertilizer are : Verma Plex, Black Castings and Coral
Calcium in Asia Manufacturer Vermi Technology Unlimited (Florida, USA) through
Green Rice Fields Trading Company. We are the only company that product consumption and export of rice
that grown under ORGANIC cleaning processes. We are Manufacturer of  5% Broken Long Grain Rice : Fragrant Rice,
Jasmine Rice, Red Rice, Black Rice, Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit Chips, Tube Ice
Machine with capacity 1- 30 tons per day, Wood Pellets and Wood Chips with
capacity  more 5000 tons per month, Our
product quality can meet the requirements of the market : the Europe and the
Asia : USA, Russia, Japan, Korea…email: [More Information]

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