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Shanxi Hengda Leiao Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Shanxi Hengda was founded in 1996. After more than 30 years of development, Hengda is now a diverse, modern and professional company that sees the production of bee medicine and bee tools as its main business, and combines feed for bees, plastic beekeeping tools, stainless steel beekeeping tools, wooden beekeeping tools, bee product processing, animal-based health products, as well as the R&D, production and sales of microbial preparations. There are four subsidiaries of Hengda, which are Hengda United Pharmacy, Hengda Leiao Biotech, Hengda Bee's Vision Trade, and Hengda Original Wood Beehive Factory.
Hengda Group upholds the idea of scientific development, and tries it best to build the brand of Hengda and make it stronger with the mission of "surviving with quality and developing with reputation" and in compliance with the corporate spirit of "better teamwork, better personnel, harder striving and innovating".
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