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We committed to supply superior quality machine Parts to each paper mills &Cardboard plant.


Breaking and Pulping equipment: (Hydrapulper,Ragger,Fiber Separator,Grappel,Chain conveyor)

Screen And Cleaning Equipment :( Pressure Screen, Screen Basket, Cleaner,Float Purger)

Washing and thickening Equipment: (Cylinder thickner,High speed washer,Dis thickner,Screw Press Thickner,conic Pipe, Rotor and Perforated plate)

Floatating-Dispersering-Bleaching equipment: (Kneader,Flatation machine,Bleaching tower,Disc Heat-Disperser)

Agitator and Pulp pump: ( Pulp pump,Slurry pump,Pulp parts)

Renovation of paper machine: ( Wire Section/Press Section/Dryer section renovation)

Spare parts of paper machine: ( Paper machine Cloth,Head Box,Wiper Blade,Press roll and stone rolls,Section roll and Cyliner mould)

Paper making finish equipment:  (Calender,Rewinder,Reeler )

Spares parts of Cardboard machine: (Corrugator belts,Co... [More Information]

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