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Jiangsu Huazhao Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd

Argentina,Colombia,Chile,Peru,Uruguay,Brazil,Saudi Arabia,Sultan,Sudan,Oman,Q...
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Jiangsu Huazhao Refrigeration Equipment CO., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise focus on high quality industrial refrigeration equipment research and development, production and sales.

Our company various industrial chiller with competitive price include: Air cooled chiller; Water cooled chiller; Low temperature glycol/brine water cooled chiller; Heat pump hot water chiller; Maglev inverter centrifugal water chiller; Oxidation dedicated water cooled chiller.

Huazhao have been focusing on provide professional solutions for all our foreign and domestic customer in different business and earn a good reputation, such as America, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand, Indonesia, Qatar, Bangladesh, Somalia etc. Our company is the leading international chiller supplier, if you need know price about chiller, E-mail and call are welcome. [More Information]

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