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Sultana raisin,golden raisin,light brown raisin,sun dried raisin
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situated in the northwest o iran,in Hamadan province, with its great climate, reasonable for growing a variety of agricultural products, the city of malayer has the best and the most vineyards in the country.
since grape is considered a great valuable farming products, containing many nutritional values and used in different industrial, medical fields and food stuff,malayer has all the way been the center of attention both inside and outside the country for its top quality grapes and raisins.
in order to make this great and fabulous fruit available for all, in every where, there have all the way been several factories in the city, getting involved in the areass of supply the, washing, packing and exporting raisins.
however there have all the way been a major shortcoming which has made a great deal of dissatisfaction with the purchasers and consumers especially those living abroad, and that's the traditi... [More Information]

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