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Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co.,LTD.

aluminum electrolytic capacitors
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in 2001, Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co., Ltd., was specialized in developing
and manufacturing all types of high-class, middle & high-voltage Aluminum
Electrolytic Capacitors, for LED, energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts,
inverter power supply and other electronic devices. Our capacitors are composed
of radial series, SMD series, screw terminal series and snap-in series. 

Main products:

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capacitor, snap in capacitor, SMD capacitor, screw terminal capacitor, high voltage capacitor, low voltage capacitor, low resistance capacitor,low impedance capacitor,low leakage current
capacitor, low DF capacitor, lighting capacitor, LED light capacitor, power capacitor, power meter capacitor, inverter capacitor, UPS capacitor, passive electronic
component,speaker capacitor, high ripple curr... [More Information]

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