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Wuhan Lihe Chemical& Advanced Materials
Co., Ltd. founded in April, 2013, is a national high-tech enterprise which
combines the international leading research and research and the integration of
science and industry.We are committed to providing one-stop services for global
pharmaceutical chemical industry and new materials enterprises and research
institutes, including CRO, CMO, import and export, etc.It has the most advanced
technology research and development base and international first-class service
team, forming the "3 + 1" platform layout with technical driving as
the core.It has three technical platforms, "the research center for the
quality of generic drugs" and "the center for the research of chiral
asymmetric catalytic synthesis technology".Main content includes drug
technology research and development, quality of generic drugs and the
consistency and security research, chiral compounds customization, apis and
pharmaceutical intermediates such as i... [More Information]

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