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US Asia-Pacific Mineralas, Inc.

Perlite ore, expanded perlite for construction/industrial and horticulture, n...
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US Asia-Pacific Mineralas, Inc. is a professional Suppliers, The Products & Service include ,
Number of Research and Development Staff:5 - 10 People The company production mode: OEM Service Offered
Our products Foreign markets: Southeast Asia The company's turnover:Below $:10000 dollars
The Company's products and services include:Perlite ore, expanded perlite for construction/industrial and horticulture, nycon concrete reinforcing fibers, hot and cold moulded perlite insulation. staff members:11 - 50 staff
Our enterprise had set up 1998 Cooperation partnersship with redco international. Our main goal is to produce quality perlite ore, developmented perlite for construction/industrial and horticulture application. Our enterprise is onelso producing moulded perlite for pipe and block insulation. Our target market are local, asian countries specifically Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, korea, Japan.
Related products include perlite exp&er, rmal insulation perlite, exp&e perlite, perlit... [More Information]

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