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Kraft Paper Eco-friendly Bag

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 Brown paper bag non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, accord with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is one of the most popular in the international environmental protection packaging materials. Made of kraft paper, kraft paper bags are more and more widely used, in the supermarket, shopping mall, shoe store, clothing store shopping, and so on place, generally have a brown paper bag supply, convenient customer purchases to carry. Brown paper bag is a kind of environmental protection bags, its variety.

Eco-friendly Bag

Brown paper bag is a kind of composite material production or pure kraft paper packaging container, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, low carbon environmental protection, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is one of the most popular in the international environmental protection packaging materials.

In a brown paper bag, all wood pulp paper backing color into white kraft paper, kraft paper, and yellow, can be in PP material is used on paper pour a layer of membrane, waterproof effect, bag strength can be made according to the requirements of between one and six layers, printing and bag making integration. Openings and the way of back into heat sealing, sealing and the bottom paper.

Scope of application

Chemical raw materials, food, medicine additive, building materials, supermarket shopping, clothing and so on all is suitable for the kraft paper bags industry.

1: according to the material can be divided into: a. pure leather bag; B. paper aluminum composite brown paper bag (cattle

All kinds of samples show a brown paper bag

All kinds of kraft paper bags samples show (16)

Cover paper composite aluminum foil); C: woven composite (generally larger bag type) a brown paper bag

2: according to the bag type can be divided into: a. three edge-sealing brown paper bag; B. lateral organ brown paper bag; C. self-supporting brown paper bag; D. zipper brown paper bag; E. self-supporting zipper brown paper bag

3: according to the bag type appearance can be divided into: a. valve pocket; B. square bottom bag; C. seam bottom bag; D. heat sealing bag; E. heat sealing bottom bag

Brown paper bag because of its environmental features, favored by people, especially in almost all European countries in the use of kraft paper bags, so practice there are several kinds of a brown paper bag.

1, small white kraft paper bag, using a wide range, generally this kind of bag is big enough for some of the many businesses require this kind of cheap and durable, a brown paper bag usually forming this kind of practice is a brown paper bag machine, machine of rope, entirely by machine operation.

2, medium brown paper bag, under normal circumstances, after the medium is a brown paper bag machine joint forming after a person into a brown paper bag, put the rope by hand due to the current domestic molding equipment shaping size restrictions, a brown paper bag and kraft bag rope machine can stick a small bag of rope, so the practice of a brown paper bag is limited by a machine. Many bags have no way to let the machine alone the production completed.

3, bags and sacks, have a head of brown paper bag, thicker cow leather bag, the practice of the kraft paper bags to pure handmade, the current domestic haven't can solve these brown paper bag molding machine, can only be made by hand, this kind of kraft paper bag production cost is higher, the number will not be huge.

4, whether the above which kinds of kraft paper bags, if the quantity is not big enough are usually made of pure manual for machine production loss is big, a brown paper bag had no way to solve the small amount of brown paper bag

The emergence of a brown paper bag changed people's shopping quantity in hands can only carry the number of items in the limit of traditional thinking, also makes the consumers no longer because of concerns about carrying shopping itself and the happy experience. If the birth of a brown paper bag to promote the development of the entire retail and maybe some exaggeration, but it at least to the businessman revealed that such a phenomenon, namely in the customer's shopping experience to become comfortable, easy and convenient as possible, before you can't predict how much consumers will buy things. It is this, cause the attention of the newcomers shopping experience for consumers, also promoted the supermarket shopping basket later and for the development of shopping carts.

After more than half a century, the development of the kraft paper shopping bag is the wind, the improvement of material to make its bearing capacity, appearance also become more beautiful, the manufacturers will all sorts of trademarks, design printed on kraft paper bags, into the streets of the store shops. Until the middle of the 20th century, the emergence of the plastic shopping bags as shopping bag, and a big revolution in the history. It to thinner, stronger, and lower manufacturing cost advantages have overshadowed a brown paper bag. Since then, be the first choice of the cost of living, plastic bags and leather bag "step" gradually. Finally, scenery all gone only a brown paper bag under the guise of "nostalgia", "nature", the name of "environmental protection" is applied to a few skin care products, clothing and books, audio-visual products packaging.

However, as "the model" the global rise of the wind, conservationists began to look at the old brown paper bag. McDonald's China company since 2006, and gradually in all stores carry out a brown paper bag with the heat preservation performance to take-out food, to replace the use of plastic bags. The move also got positive response of the other businesses, such as Nike, adidas original bags consumers, to high quality cowhide paper bags instead of plastic shopping bags.
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