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The application range of headphone socket is very wide, and it is basically indispensable in all major fields, such as computers, mobile phones, stereos, televisions, CD sets, wireless phones and digital cameras.There are many models and specifications of the headphone socket, and each manufacturer has different numbering rules. Different models have different orifices, structures and feet.Therefore, it is necessary to have some experience and knowledge before making a purchase to select models and specifications that meet the requirements of the equipment.

Specification of headphone socket interface:

The diameter specification of the headphone plug is 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 6.5mm. Usually, the most familiar one is 3.5mm.The general headphone plug used on the computer and most MP3 and mobile phone headphone plugs are 3.5mm, and a few phones and walkman headphone plugs are 2.5mm,the headphone socket of each specialty is 6.5mm, and the specification can be changed by "transforming plug".The corresponding headphone socket is 2.5 headphone socket, 3.5 headphone socket, 6.5 headphone socket.The manufacturer's model code starts with PJ, and the model is different for different manufacturers.

The small headphone socket also exists many security hidden danger, what should we pay attention to when using the headphone jack?

1.When the earphone socket is installed, first the power supply should be cut off, and the wiring should be connected according to the socket label. It should not be installed on the ground at will, but must be fixed in an appropriate position to prevent children from electric shock or other leakage.

2.When household high-power electric appliance is used frequently, the power current of headphone socket must be avoided to be too large. If it is beyond the safe bearing range, it will lead to power failure or even fire accident.

3.We should not use wet hands to contact the headphone socket during daily use, which may easily cause electric leakage and shock accidents.

4.The heat dissipation of the insulation resistance of the socket should be paid attention to when using the headphone socket for a long time. If the sound is abnormal, or if there is burning smell, the power should be cut off immediately for maintenance.

5.Do not pull and plug the earphone plug too hard, otherwise it is easy to cause the chip inside the socket to loosen,otherwise, it is easy to cause loose of the chip inside the socket,which resulting in poor contact.When not in use, we'd better to use the dustproof plug on, otherwise socket coating and air oxidation is also easy to cause poor contact.

China XKB manufacturer invested millions in the waterproof property of XKB products,and made outstanding contributions in the field of waterproofing.XKB manufacturer adheres to the concept of "building the most cost-effective brand of global components",poviding high quality waterproof connector and waterproof headphone socket service to meet different demand groups.

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