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Connector testing criteria

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The market demand of connector is very big. Connector appears in different forms and plays a very important role in all walks of life.As a manufacturer to ensure that the connector in the transport to all walks of life in the quality, safety, and can play its role more effectively,a series of tests on the connector product before it leaves the factory is an essential step, and the following is what is included in the connector test.

Generally speaking, the test standards for connectors mainly include mechanical and environmental aspects, as follows:
Mechanical testing of connector products includes testing of plug force, insulation resistance, durability, voltage resistance, contact resistance, vibration, and mechanical impact.

Environmental testing of connector products includes cold and heat shock testing, combined temperature and humidity cycle testing, high temperature testing, salt spray testing and mixed gas corrosion testing.

For some connectors that need to work under special circumstances, manufacturers will also refer to different test standards according to the actual situation,the purpose is to ensure that the connectors work properly in their working environment.

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