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Why Choose Counter Flow Cooler

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In the feed industry, the most popular pelletization cooling system is the counter flow cooler. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed cooling machine manufacturer, with many years of production and sales experience. This article will introduce the counter flow cooler in detail.

The Important Role Of The Cooling System

The cooling system is an extremely important part of the feed production process, which directly affects the cooling dehumidification effect of the feed pellets and the quality indicators of the products, such as moisture and chalking rate.

Counter flow cooler is the most advanced pellet feed cooling technology in the world. It is a new generation of cooling equipment developed for the cooling of high-temperature pellet feed after pelletization. Adopting the principle of counter flow cooling, the pellets fully cooled, and the machine adopts a unique sliding valve mechanism to discharge materials, and the operation and discharge are smooth.

Application Of The Counter Flow Cooler

SKLN Series Counter Flow Cooler mainly used for the cooling of feed pellets in the pelletization section of large and medium-sized feed mills. The pellet feed from the feed pellet machine up to 80-90and the moisture content of 17-18% cooled to a temperature slightly higher than room temperature. Up to 12% to 13% for easy transportation and storage.

Cooling Effect Of The Cooling Machine

The machine uses the principle of counter flow cooling to cool the high-temperature and high-humidity pellets, avoiding the sudden contact between the cold air and the hot material, thus preventing the surface cracking of the pellets. At the same time, the cooling effect is remarkable due to the use of a gas trap and a large inlet area. It also adopts a slide valve type or pendulum type discharge mechanism, which is stable, reliable and has few residuals.

The Unique Structure Of The Cooling Machine

SKLN series counter flow cooler adopting a reasonable cooling principle and introducing international advanced technology. It consists of the feeding section, the housing bracket, and the discharge door mechanism. The machine has a large body capacity, and it only needs to change the position of the material positioner to applicable different production (within the specified range). The discharge mechanism is pneumatic or electric and has no vibration. The cooling chamber of the machine adopts a cone mesh plate. According to different models, there are 6-8 cooling zones, which can distribute the materials in each cooling zone. Therefore, a large amount of cold air flows in each cooling zone, and the materials cooled. The speed is fast and the effect is good, thus ensuring the final high quality of the cooling product. The model has a reasonable layout, simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, low energy consumption, a high degree of automation, and high production efficiency. It is an ideal feed pellet cooling device.

Advantage Of The Product

1. Adopting the principle of counter flow cooling, the pellets cooled sufficiently and evenly.

2. Adopt a unique slide valve type discharge mechanism. The operation and discharge are smooth.

3. Simple maintenance and convenient installation arrangement.

4. The temperature of the pellets after cooling is not higher than room temperature 3-5 ° C.

5. Easy to adjust, a high degree of automation, can suitable for the cooling of various pellets.

Choosing a suitable feed cooling machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of the cooling, you can also reduce the cost of the materials, thereby increasing the profits.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery specializes in the production of feed pellet machine, feed hammer mill, feed mixing machine, feed cooling machine, feed packing machine, and other feed machinery.

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