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Cashew nuts,Peanuts,Pistachio,Almonds
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ANFG CIG, we have vast Experience in direct Export of Raw Cashew Nuts and other
valued nuts like Pistachio, Almonds, and Peanuts to countries like UAE, USA, Germany,
Poland, South Africa, UK, Russia, Italy, Pakistan, India and Iran etc. Taking
advantage of our unrivaled and high quality cashew and other nut processing
expertise with over 7 years of rich experience; we leverage and manage all
aspects involved in imports of Raw Cashew Nuts from Farm to Factory. Our
experienced Team present in all cashew exporting African countries such as
Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroun is capable of handling all activities viz. ethical
procurement from African farmers, Quality Inspection cashew drying, stuffing,
clearing agency, shipping line and export documentation in timely manner. We
pride ourselves of fulfilling supply needs of our loyal clientele spread across
all cashew processing regions within Cameroun. Contact our farm directly for
more information and price quotes of products in stock. [More Information]

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