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Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd

Non dairy creamer,fructose syrup,modified starch,tapioca starch,monosodium gl...
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We are Thai Foods Product International Co.,
Ltd, manufacturing and exporting various kinds of food additives and food
ingredient in many countries for 11 years. Our products
meet GMP, HACCP and Halal quality standard. Our products are as follows:

1.Monosodium Glutamate
2. Ribonucleotide I+G
3.Mixed Phosphate for Fish Fillets & Shrimp

4.Non Phosphate for Fish Fillets & Shrimp
5.Fresh milk powder

6. Preservatives (No Benzoate & Sorbate)

7.Non Dairy Creamer

8.Coconut Milk Powder

9.Modified Tapioca Starch

10.Fructose Tapioca Syrup

11. Brown Cane Sugar [More Information]

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