How does fast charge power supply achieve low power consumption

How does fast charge power supply achieve low power consumption
How does fast charge power supply achieve low power consumptionHow does fast charge power supply achieve low power consumptionHow does fast charge power supply achieve low power consumption

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How does fast charge power supply achieve low power consumption

Switching power supply is widely used in communication, control and other electronic systems for its small volume, light weight, high efficient energy conversion.With the greater universal of various handheld and mobile consumer electronics products, the energy problem is increasingly prominent, to the operation of the switch power supply, power consumption and energy efficiency are also put forward higher requirements. On the basis of guarantee the product performance, by reducing the power consumption of each part to achieve energy saving, The most important way is to select low power consumption electronic components in the process of circuit design...

We introduce YMIN GP series radial lead aluminum electrolytic capacitor, as a low power consumption electronic components special for USB fast charger power supplies.

YMIN GP radial lead aluminum electrolytic capacitor are mainly applied for current HOTTEST USB fast charger power supply, Including USB power switches, USB mobile chargers, car cell-phone chargers, USB travel adapters, Multi USB Plug, USB sockets and many other high advance power supply!

*YMIN GP capacitor with small size, meet the market trend of power supply volume miniaturization.

*YMIN GP capacitor with wide working temperature, from -55°C to 105°C;

*YMIN GP capacitor with long lifetime, keep 4000hrs to 6000hrs lifetime;

*YMN GP capacitor with wide capacitance range, covered 0.47μF to 10000μF;

*YMIN GP capacitor with stable characteristic to support low voltage high current.

*YMIN GP capacitor offer strongest support in low power consumption for USB fast charger.

*YMIN GP capacitor with superior quality better than Rubycon after product testing.

Low power consumption, high stability, Enduring high temperature, Long life, Miniature are the main characteristics for our YMIN GP capacitor.

YMIN will adapt to the market, to launch more energy saving electrolytic capacitors special for USB fast charge power supply.

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