Step Up Voltage Converter

Step Up Voltage Converter
Step Up Voltage ConverterStep Up Voltage ConverterStep Up Voltage Converter

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  • 150.00 USD/ Unit set
  • 50 set
  • United States
  • Long-term
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  • Brand Name:GoHz
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  • Price:150.00USD/set
  • Min. Order Quantity:50 set
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  • Place of Origin:United States
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Step Up Voltage Converter

A voltage converter is an electric power conversion device which is used to change the electrical output of a power source. The most common use for these converters is to change the voltage from 220 volts down to 110 volts, or from 110 volts up to 220 volts. When an electronic device, appliance or power tool was built for a specific voltage which is not available, the only way the device can be used is by converting the power up or down to the correct level. The need for a voltage converter often arises for people who travel abroad or take overseas vacations and bring electronics along with them.

The voltage adapters are bulky and heavy and expensive. They convert the US standard of 120 volts to UK/euro standard of 240 volts. Before investing, make sure you really need one. For each appliance you plan to bring, look for a switch to set the voltage: 120V or 240V (hairdryers, shavers, etc.). If such a switch exists, set it to 240V in UK/Europe and you should be fine. If your appliance has an AC adapter (iPod, digital camera, laptop, etc.) look at the label in the adapter. If the "input" label says something like "100-240V" then it does the conversion automatically and you don't need a voltage adapter for this appliance.

Using US electrical devices overseas means converting two things: the shape of the prongs on the plug and the type of electricity. You definitely need an adapter to for the prongs, you may (or may not) need an adapter for the electricity.
The prong adapters are required to plug things into the wall. Rick sells a set for a few bucks.

Our step up voltage converters and voltage transformers are designed for using equipment from the UK or Ireland in the USA. They have a 2 or 3 pin US power plug and a 3 pin UK socket or a three pin universal socket.

It looks like this should work for you. They have an adapter for usa plug. You can also call them and see if it's good for your application. Let me know if that does not work and we will continue.

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