butyl sealant

butyl sealant
butyl sealantbutyl sealantbutyl sealant

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butyl sealant
Butyl sealant is a kind of environmental friendly, non solidified self adhesive sealant. It can maintain its plastic and sealing properties without crack and harden in a wide temperature range. What's more, its excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good air tightness and electrical insulation properties make it have good adhesion to glass, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials. And due to its extremely low water vapor transmission rate, butyl sealant with elastic sealant together can form an excellent anti moisture system. Butyl sealant is applicable for all kinds of machinery, pipe, glass installation, cable joints and other seals as well as buildings, water conservancy projects, etc.

Product name: butyl sealant.
Material: isobutene polymer and butyl rubber blending.
Color: black.
Specific Gravity (g/m3): 1.10-1.30 g/m3.
Operating temperature: -20 °C- 80 °C.
Temperature resistant range: -40 °C - 130 °C.
Maximum temperature bearable: 160 °C.
Water vapor transmission rate: < 0.01 g/m2 per day.
Solids content: 100%.
Hot weightlessness: 0.1%.
Shearing strength: 0.13 Mpa.
Storage condition: -10 °C - 35 °C, in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
Storage period: 12 months.
Transportation: Butyl sealant is non dangerous, so it is suitable for all kinds of transport such as truck, train, boat and plane, etc.
Note: When butyl sealant matches use with other rubber, compatibility test should be done.

Heat resistance.
Strong adhesion.
High air tightness.
Weather resistance.
Electrical insulation.
Excellent sealing effect.
Excellent UV resistance.
Acid and alkali resistance.
Can be reused and no waste.
Environmental friendly material.
Extremely low water vapor transmission rate.
No solvent, no fog, non vulcanization, with permanent plasticity.
need no curing period, saving floor area. (1 minute curing time).
Butyl sealant is applicable for the building doors and windows glass, curtain wall, refrigerator, freezer, train and car, etc.

Block shape butyl sealant packaging:
Each block shape butyl sealant is wrapped with kraft paper, and then put it into carton box.
6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 or 8 kg block shape butyl sealant per piece, each block shape butyl sealant is put into a inner carton box with plastic film inside it. And then 4 blocks into per carton box or on wooden pallets.
Tubbiness butyl sealant packaging:
Tubbiness butyl sealant is wrapped with plastic film, put it into a tubbiness packaging carton, and 4 pieces in a carton box.
(18 cm): 24 kg/box, per box of 4 columns, each column 6 kg.
(16 cm): 20 kg/carton, each 4 columns, each column 5 kg.
Using method:

Water, oil, dirt, dust and other impurities on the surface must be removed before being used. Special circumstances should use organic solvent to clean. After water cleaning, the surface must be completely dry before construction.
Use hot melt glue machine to make the butyl sealant heating and melting, glue coated to the insulating glass.
Coating thickness should accord with insulating glass craft.
Specific using conditions can be achieved by adjusting the temperature and pressure.
Coating temperature range is 110 °C - 140 °C.
The ambient temperature during construction should be no less than 5 °C.
After one minute cooling and shaping, delivery and installation.
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