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Emulsion Equipmentis customer first for the purpose , goodEmulsion Equipmentpreferred Emulsion Equip

Emulsion Equipmentis customer first for the purpose , goodEmulsion Equipmentpreferred Emulsion Equip
Emulsion Equipmentis customer first for the purpose , goodEmulsion Equipmentpreferred Emulsion EquipEmulsion Equipmentis customer first for the purpose , goodEmulsion Equipmentpreferred Emulsion EquipEmulsion Equipmentis customer first for the purpose , goodEmulsion Equipmentpreferred Emulsion Equip

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Emulsion Equipmentis customer first for the purpose , goodEmulsion Equipmentpreferred Emulsion Equip
   Zibo Guang Dong Chemical Co., founded in Shandong Province,Zibo City,Zhangdian District,Xincun Road,Zhangdian,Zibo, is a professional production Emulsion production equipment,Emulsion production equipment,Emulsion production equipmentand so on Good service Emulsion Equipment small and medium enterprises,has become the domestic Unique design Emulsion Equipmentindustry comprehensive strength of the leading enterprises.x508n

   Zibo Guang Dong Chemical Co., insist on responsibility,credibility and integrity,sincerity and win-win principle,and happy employees, customer success, leading the industry mission, long standing engaged in Unique design Emulsion Equipment,High quality of service Emulsion Equipment,Suitable Emulsion Equipment,Emulsion Equipment the level of service and other business areas. Through the creation of dynamic and innovative enterprises, Our company is committed to becoming an important force to promote social progress. details:
Material properties of emulsion production equipment

The production equipment of acrylic emulsion is very popular in China. It is an automatic equipment which integrates light, electricity, machine and gas. It is widely used. For example, the cosmetics industry, the beverage industry, the food industry, the daily chemical industry, the chemical industry and other liquid and emulsion quantitative filling production. It was processed and improved in the original filling production line, inherited the traditional function principle, and increased some advanced technology at the same time, which brought a lot of convenience to many enterprises.

The material characteristics of the acrylic emulsion production equipment:

1. The stainless steel has excellent mechanical properties, can withstand high working pressure, and can also withstand the impact of lump solid material. 2, good heat resistance, a wide range of working temperature (-196 - 600 C), at a higher temperature, no oxygen can be peeling, can be used for direct fire heating. 3. It has high corrosion resistance. 4. The heat transfer effect is good, and the speed of heating and cooling is fast. 5. With excellent processing performance, the reaction kettle of various shapes and structures can be made according to the requirements of different processes and can also be polished and polished.

Technical parameters of emulsion production equipment:

Reaction temperature of reaction kettle: at -300 C or higher at normal temperature, depending on the working condition.

Reaction pressure of reaction kettle: 0.001-0.8Mpa.

The material of the reactor equipment: SUS304 stainless steel, SUS321 stainless steel, SUS316L stainless steel or Q235-B carbon steel.

The stirring form of the reaction kettle: blade type, anchor paddle type, frame type, screw belt type, turbine type, dispersed disk type, combined type, etc.

Electric heating, steam heating and water bath heating.

The heat conduction medium of the reaction kettle: heat conduction oil, steam, hot water and electric heating.

The reactor heat transfer structure: jacket, outer tube, inner tube.

The accessories for the complete equipment of the reactor generally include the distillation column, the heat exchanger, the water separator and so on.

Stirring reactor: stirring speed selection depending on the material mixing of liquid material selection; conventional polymerization speed is 63-85r/min; containing powder material mixed with the liquid needed to achieve the dispersion effect, speed of 0 - 1500r/min; oil containing two kinds of liquid and liquid or mixed incompatible to achieve the emulsification effect. Speed of 0 - 280

Adhering to the "Customer Supreme Forge Ahead" management idea, Guangdong chemical industry insists on providing the best quality and service of Emulsion Equipment,Acrylic emulsion manufacturerx1e2cec8n with the "customer first" principle. Wholeheartedly welcome your patronage! Official website address: www.acrylic-poly.com
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