HH-HRS19 Biological tissue dyeing machine

HH-HRS19  Biological tissue dyeing machine
HH-HRS19  Biological tissue dyeing machineHH-HRS19  Biological tissue dyeing machineHH-HRS19  Biological tissue dyeing machine

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  • 5000.00 USD/ Unit piece
  • 1 piece
  • China (Mainland)
  • 2025-11-25
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  • Rotary Microtome/ Microtome with Computer Controlled Fast Freezing and Paraffin dual use / Spread Processor/Baking Processor / Biological tissue dehydrator/Biological tissue dyeing machine

  • C8 Building, No.3188 of west part of Erhuan Nan Road, Qiubin Street , Wucheng District, Jinhua City , Zhejiang Province,China

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  • Brand Name:HUAHAI
  • Model Number:
  • Spec:
  • Price:5000.00USD/piece
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 piece
  • Total supply:100 piece
  • Delivery Time:10 days
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
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HH-HRS19  Biological tissue dyeing machine


1、The surface of the machine body is sprayed with APS engineering plastics, with high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth lines and easy cleaning.

2、Adopting the combination of wire rope drive and computer control technology, the system runs stably, locates accurately and has low noise.

3、The system can store 99 sets of different programs, each with 50 sets of program content, which can meet the special requirements of users for different tissues dyeing treatment.

4、Processing time of each container: 0s~59 min and 59 s.

5、The dyeing vat can keep warm and overcome the disadvantages of poor dyeing effect caused by low ambient temperature.

7、The automatic cleaning device can be added to each reagent cylinder when changing cylinders, making the operation more convenient and fast.

8、It has air discharge device to reduce air pollution.

9、The time of the leachate in the replacement of the cylinder0~99s

Main technical parameters:

        Reagent containers: 19(Two cleaning bath ,One drying bath)

Capacity of containers: 177mm×39mm×98mm

Dyeing quantity:52 pieces / times

Heat preservation quantity of reagent cylinder: 16;

      Setting heat preservation for reagent cylinder: room temperature—40℃ ;

Processing time of each stations : 0s~ 59 min and 59 s;

The time of the leachate in the replacement of the cylinder:0~99s

Working voltage:AC220V±10%  50±1HZ  power:<1000W

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