Launder-Ometer Washing Fastness Tester

Launder-Ometer Washing Fastness Tester
Launder-Ometer Washing Fastness TesterLaunder-Ometer Washing Fastness TesterLaunder-Ometer Washing Fastness Tester

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  • textile washing color fastness tester,abrasion tester, pilling tester, rubbing color fastness tester,ironing tester and perspiration tester

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Launder-Ometer Washing Fastness Tester
Testing Standards:
ISO 105 C01 C02 C03 C04 C05 C06 C08 D01, BS 1006 C01 C02 C03 C04 C05, AATCC 28 61 86 132 151 190, NEXT TM2 3 5, M&S C4 C5 C10A P3B, GB/T 3921 5711, FTMS 191-5610

Product Information:
For conducting colorfastness to wash, dry cleaning, fulling, detergency and other tests at temperatures up to 95°C, also including the colorfastness of dye.
Washing Fastness Tester is an ideal machine for assessing fastness to washing, dry cleaning of coloured textile samples.
The two separated cylinders equip with independent control panels respectively, able to conduct the two tests with different temperature independently and simultaneously.
Control system consists of electronic switch for light touch, liquid crystal display Menu without mechanical contact, safe and reliable for operators. Stable of sample frame rotation is convenient for mounting washing containers.
Provided with two kinds of washing containers (500ml and 1200ml) for different test requirement, and each cylinder has 24 slots for container assembly (12 with each size). Long life of heating device with no noise, could give an accurate temperature.

Technical Parameters:
1.Test container station: (12+12)×2;
2.Rotating speed: 40±2 rpm;
3.Control mode: CNC, independently control the temperature and time of two test cylinders simultaneously, procedure could be set arbitrarily;
4.Dimension of sampling container: 1200±10ml and 550±10ml;
5.Function of Inching rotation for each cylinders;
6.Function of automatic alarm as the test finished;
7.Material: stainless steel of 316;
8.Rapidly changing sample containers;
9.The temperature control is up to 98℃;
10.Temperature accuracy: -/+0.3℃;
11.Temperature is controlled by microprocessor, and displayed on the interface with time;
12.The double sealed heat preservation of the cover plate helps to minimize heat loss and the heating frequency, gives an effective protection of the heating tube;
13.Pneumatic strut acts on the panel, which is more user-friendly, manpower saved, and has an effective protection for the operators;
14.The alarm function of preventing overflow;
15.The alarm of Anti-dry technology for protecting the machine;
16.The hidden snakelike pressure relief helps to refrigerate the steam to cooling water when internal press exceeded;
17.The forklift makes a movement for the machine.

Accessories and Consumables:
1.The machine of Double-Cylinder Launder-Ometer
2.Stainless steel sampling cups of 550ml: 16
3.Stainless steel sampling cups of 1200ml: 16
4.Stainless Steel Balls for washing test: 2000
5.Container seals for stainless steel sampling cups of 550ml: pack of 20
6.Washing sealing washer for stainless steel sampling cups of 1200ml: pack of 20
7.Dry cleaning  sealing washer for stainless steel sampling cups of 550ml: pack of 20
8.Dry cleaning sealing washer for stainless steel sampling cups of 1200ml: pack of 20
9.Stainless steel drycleaning discs: 50
10.DW multifiberadjacent fabric: pack of 10m
11.AATCC multifiberadjacent fabric: pack of 1m
12.ECE standard detergent(non- fluorescent): 2 tubs
13.AATCC standard detergent(non- fluorescent): 2 drums
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