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PANZHU FLASHING tape waterproof tape

PANZHU FLASHING tape waterproof tape
PANZHU FLASHING tape waterproof tapePANZHU FLASHING tape waterproof tapePANZHU FLASHING tape waterproof tape

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  • 0.52 USD/ Unit square met
  • 9 square met
  • China (Mainland)
  • Long-term
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  • Rock Wool/Glass Wool/ Foam Rubber/Waterproof Membrane/Accessories non-woven fabric and Waterproof Tape etc

  • Huaqiang community Shenbei District Shen

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  • Brand Name:panzhu
  • Model Number:
  • Spec:
  • Price:0.52USD/square met
  • Min. Order Quantity:9 square met
  • Total supply:
  • Delivery Time:10 days
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
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PANZHU FLASHING tape waterproof tape

Construction Method of PANZHU Waterproof Tape
Butyl Rubber, or IIR, is an abbreviation for Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber with good chemical stability and thermal stability. The most prominent performance is the air tightness and water tightness.Its air transmittance is only 1/7 that of natural rubber, 1/5 that of styrene butadiene rubber, and the vapor transmittance is 1/200 that of natural rubber, 1/140 that of styrene butadiene rubber.
Gas is even difficult to penetrate the material, not to mention water.Its outstanding weatherability, according to the relevant test data, can reach 120 ℃high and -40℃ low.
Report done by China's Building Waterproof and Zero Point Consulting Survey done says building waterproof leakage rate is as high as 90% in China. Many large enterprises have set up repairing departments. And in this process, the repairing products acrylate and butyl tapes are rapidly popular.
1. Flashing tape Waterproof:correctly paste butyl tape with roller compaction can be perfectly waterproof , because butyl tape is a pressure sensitive tape.
2. Waterproof tape Air tightness:The characteristics of butyl rubber determine that the air tight performance of butyl rubber tape is very good
3. Flashing butyl tape Reflective: The Flashing butyl tape can be used for the connection of reflective materials.Flashing butyl tape will not reduce the reflective performance of the material.
4. Butyl flashing tape Durability:  Butyl flashing tape is an inert material with a service life of 50 years
5.Weather flashing tape Wide temperature range: Weather flashing tape can resist high temperature 120 ℃, low temperature  minus 40 ℃

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