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  • 200.00 USD/ Unit cubic mete
  • 1000 cubic mete
  • China (Mainland)
  • Long-term
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  • Price:200.00USD/cubic mete
  • Min. Order Quantity:1000 cubic mete
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PANZHU FIBER ®Modern Agriculture Rock Wool

rockwool cubes

The uses and function of Industrial rock wool and PANZHU FIBER ® rockwool cubes are different. There are significant differences in the selection of raw materials, processing technology, internal structure and other aspects, so the uses of professional agricultural rock wool are required during the process of cultivation. The industrial rock wool is not available.

grow cubes

1. PANZHU FIBER® agricultural rockwool grow cubes consists of 60% basalt, 20% coke, 20% limestone and a small amount of iron slag. They are mixed through high temperature melting, fiber producing, finally spun into specific density and cut into different sizes. A surface hydrophilic binder was added during the textile process, which can keep the rock wool from deformation after soaking for a long time and has good hydrophilic property. While industrial rock wool has only general binder in it, which can not ensure long-term use of non-defrmation and porosity unchanged. If the rock wool added no additives, the hydrophilic performance is weaker than agricultural rock wool. Compared with the bulk density of 80~150kg/cm industrial rock wool , the agricultural rock wool has smaller density only from 60 kg/cm to 80 kg/cm, so its porosity is higher, with 3% volume of fiber and 97% volume of pore.

hydroponic grow cubes

2. The inner structure of PANZHU FIBERF ® hydroponic grow cubes is produced by the pendulum type of machining method with closer fiber connection in the compounding way of wavy sectional view. The distribution of fiber are horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional network structure, even the horizontal and vertical fiber layer does not strip cause the fibers are evenly distributed. The uniform distribution of fiber is conducive to the extension and growth of root system and ensures the uniform growth of crops. Industrial rock wool is produced by four rollers centrifuge with the method of sedimentation. The fiber is more like horizontally multilayer structure with uneven distribution, and the gaps between layers are larger. The root can only grow in the slice layer cracks, and can't spread to all rock wool growing space, therefore using industrial rock wool , not only don’t make the root stretch, but also waste water and nutrients, which lead to a low crop yield.

Hydroponic rock wool

3. The chemical properties of PANZHU FIBER ® Hydroponic rock wool: The chemical properties of rock wool are generally alkaline, but the agricultural Hydroponic rock wool after acid solution can adjust the pH value. The PH value of industrial rock wool does not change a lot after the solution of soaking in the acid nutrient. Alkaline matrix is very toxic to seedlings. The seedlings planted in industrial rock wool have round leaf edges and small leaves compared with the ones in the agricultural rock wool growing for the same period. The contrast test was first reported in Suzhou Xishan National Modern Greenhouse Planting Park, and same repeated experiment was conducted by the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences with the same conclusion.

Hydroponic grow medium

4. PANZHU WRAP® Hydroponic grow medium for commercial and agricultural use mainly has higher components of basalt rock, with the color of celadon; According to the needs of planting, agricultural rock wool is cut into different sizes and shapes when it is produced in the factory. The seedling plug is used for seedling raising period, with holes in the middle, which can be directly sown, and some can be used for flower cutting without holes.A layer of PVC is wrapped around the hydroponic cubes to prevent water evaporation and root system from spreading into another cube, providing an intermediate growing environment which is considered as a transition environment from seedling and grown-up seedlings. The rock wool growing strip is for the grown up seedlings with a PVC plastic wrap which is white outside and black inside in order to prevent the moisture to evaporate too much and keep a comfortable temperature for the root. But it is not necessary in the tropics in order to increase the evaporation capacity to reduce the temperature of the root. In most areas, the outer packing was used to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Therefore, agricultural rock wool is a kind of special rock wool suitable for the growth of crops which cannot be simply replaced by industrial insulation and soundproof insulation rock wool. The industrial rock wool is yellow due to its low basalt content. It comes out of the factory with only strip products without any outer packaging like hydroponic cubes, seedling plugs and other forms in order to meet the commercial needs for agricultural production.

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