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Custom high precision electronic SMT PCB assembly service

Custom high precision electronic SMT PCB assembly service
Custom high precision electronic SMT PCB assembly serviceCustom high precision electronic SMT PCB assembly serviceCustom high precision electronic SMT PCB assembly service

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Custom high precision electronic SMT PCB assembly service

Custom high precision electronic SMT PCB assembly service

Standard printed circuit board 

Here at CTT, standard PCB service is one-stop services for full-featured printed circuit board manufacturing. With more than 18 years of PCB manufacturing experience, we have processed hundreds of thousands of PCB projects and covered almost all types of substrate materials, including FR4, aluminum, Rogers, ceramic plates, and more. This page only covers standard FR4 based PCB.

There are a lot of PCB manufacturers in China. You may receive a lot of different quotes for a same PCB Gerber file. For each manufacturer, processes, materials, services, etc bring them different costs. Our customers are from all over the world. We are the auto gate pcb board manufacturer, controller PCB manufacturer, robot PCB manufacturer, motherboard PCB factory, refrigerator PCB, air condition PCB, etc. During our promotion, CTT can also be your “Free shipping pcb manufacturer”. Be a “Cheap and fast PCB maker” is also our goal. We do everything we can to satisfy customers from product to service.


Why can CTT can be here for 18 years? What are the advantages of CTT's PCB production? The main reasons are as follow:

1. With 18 years development, we have completed a perfect supply system. No matter what PCB materials you need, our supplier partners provide us with reliable and good price materials. It is impossible to cause quality problems due to materials.

2. After 18 years of cooperation with customers all over the world, we have accumulated rich PCB fabrication experience for many requirements and specifications. Our in house quality control department set high standards and various quality testing methods to ensure the quality of your PCBs.


Check out our standard printed circuit board capabilities in the following table:




Quality   Grade

Standard IPC 2

Number   of Layers

1 - 48 layers

Delivery   Time

2 days - 5 weeks (Expedited Service)


FR-4, MCPCB, copper PCBROGERSARLONTeflonComposite PCB

Board   Size

Max 500*600mm

Board   Thickness

0.25mm - 5mm

Copper   Weight

0.5oz - 6.0oz

Inner   Layer Copper Weight

0.5oz - 6.0oz

Min   Tracing/Spacing


Solder   Mask Color

Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Silkscreen   Color

White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Surface Finish

HASL - Hot Air Solder Leveling 

Lead Free HASL - RoHS 

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