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Sidchem is a professional Suppliers, The Products & Service include ,

The Company's products and services include:Pesticides staff members:11 - 50 staff
We are an exclusive pesticides marketing enterprise in india and are in active business since last 18 years. Presently, we are in a position to offer following technical/bulk formulated pesticides at a Attractive rates. Please contact our enterprise with your interest.
Quinalphos tech.
Carbendazim tech. Wp
Monocrothe superlativehos tech.
Acephate tech. Formu.
Chloropyriphos tech.
Profenophos tech. Form
Atrazin tech. Formu
Tricyclazole tech.
Propicanazole tech.
Pertilachlore tech
Bacillus thuringiensis
Trichoderma viride
Humic acids
Phermone blends
Neem oil
Cypermethrin tech
Alpha cypermethrin
Permethrin tech
Deltamethrin tech
Related products include agrochemical emulsifier, surfactant agrochemicals, herbicide agrochemical intermediate, herbicides agrochemicals, pesticides agrochemicals, of agrochemical, effect ... [More Information]

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