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Shenyang Snota Biotech Co.,Ltd

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Shenyang Snota
Biotech Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales in one of
the new chemical science and technology multinational companies, the main
products to plant extracts, pharmaceutical intermediates, biological stains,
acid and alkali indicator, water treatment agent, Flame retardant and other
fine chemicals and chemical equipment mainly,the series of products are widely
used in petroleum, mining, medicine, cosmetics, water treatment, printing and
dyeing areas, Dedicated to domestic and foreign customers with quality products
and services

company always adhere to the quality first, efficient service purposes, in
quality and management of continuous efforts and improvement. The company now has high-quality chemical personnel,
advanced testing equipment, professional sales team, a stable domestic and
foreign markets. We cooperate with Shanghai, Manchuria, Tianjin,
Guangzhou and many other port freight forwarders, can be safely and quickly
transport ou... [More Information]

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