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PERLA GROUP is a professional Suppliers, The Products & Service include PERLITE Concrete Lightweight, PERLITE LOOSE FILL MASONRY INSULATION, PERLITE,
Enterprise Covers Enterprise:10,000-30,000 square meters Our Company Address:TUNISIA Number of Production Lines:4
Our products Foreign markets: Eastern Europe Africa Mid East Western Europe Export ratio:21% - 30%
The Company's products and services include:PERLITE
Perlite is one volcanic rock of the family of amorphous silica; its color ranging between white and gray. It comes in granules of different sizes and densities:
Fine perlite (0-2 mm) ;
Medium perlite (1-3 mm) ;
Horticultural perlite (2-5 mm)
Construction. PERLAbeton, PERLAfill
Horticulture: AGROPERLA
Industrial applications. PERLAsif, PERLITE, ECOPERL

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