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Wuhan Unique Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

fiber optic equipment, telecommunication room cabling equipment
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    Wuhan Unique Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a high -tech enterprises with a conbination of of science, industry and trade. We mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of network center room equipment, such as PDU, ODF, CMA, Fiber Spool frame, Network Panel, Network Cabinet, OF Jointing Box, Fiber Optic Connector, ADSS Cable, Micro Fiber, Pigtail, Patch Cord, UTP Cable, etc. Provide high level of technical cosultation and technical services.

Our company has established research and development, production and sales centers in many regions, with professional design ability and production capacity.We can design and produce special power supply for cabinet or other customized services according to your requirement.

Our products include: cabinet power splitter, PDU, machine cabinet switchboard, network cabinets, PDU remote intelligent monitoring, and other products, our products are widely used in financial, securities, military, petr... [More Information]

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