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Hebei Xiangyi Mechanical Co.,Ltd
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Hebei xiangyi  mechanical  co.,LTD., founded in 2002, is engaged in all kinds of mechanical design and manufacture of professional manufacturers, the existing staff of more than 100 people, processing equipment more than 50 Taiwan.Is a collection development guidance and a comprehensive technology companies.
The company's philosophy is innovation changes in the technological era quality cast brand management Dream in the future. The company from market research, business analysis to design and development, after-sales tracking, to provide you with full service.In recent years, our company successfully developed automatic gypsum board production line, gypsum powder production line, such as a batch of another batch of production equipment.
Company for many years Have many cooperative enterprises at home and abroad and successful cooperation case In a successful cooperation with the customer at the same time also developed between the customer and good Deep friendship.The com... [More Information]

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